Our Programs

Having the right program is essential to any success you achieve with exercise. We often site that when “you aim for nothing, you’re bound to reach it” when it comes to exercise. All Premier Fitness trainers are trained in cutting edge program design and we always carry a workout plan for our clients. A big “no-no” in our philosophy is to have Trainers who “make-up” workouts for their clients. Our workouts are carefully designed and always begin with a client’s end goal in mind.

Our Plan

We believe understanding our client’s goals will allow us to program and progress our clients safely and effectively through our 3-cycle system to get your fitness levels where they need to be. Through skill mastery of new exercises your self confidence will grow, encouraging you to continuously challenge yourself with new exercises. The last thing we ever want for one of our clients is for them to get “bored” with their workouts.

Your Pace

Rather than throw our clients into an advanced program or bootcamp style training that they are not ready for and risking injury or getting discouraged, our fitness experts will identify where you fit in the fitness continuum and program accordingly for your fitness level with the hopes of getting you prepared for more advanced training.

Youth Sports

And general training programs
Are also available

Read a great testimonial on Premier Fitness:

Although we were both athletes in college, after having seven children in 12 years we were overweight and out of shape and decided that we wanted to start training for our first half marathon. We purchased our home gym from Premier Fitness and decided to hire Christian as our personal trainer to teach us how to use the home gym and to help us to prepare for the half marathon. We successfully completed the half marathon – without injury and within our goal of under two hours, and decided to continue our training with Christian. After seven months of training we decided to look into the nutritional programs that Premier Fitness offered. After assessing our resting metabolic rate and determining our body fat percentages Christian came up with an eating plan for each of us that included caloric intake, protein, fats and carb intake. After two months on the plan the results were pretty amazing – we are both at our goal weight, goal body fat percentages, and feeling stronger, more energetic, and more nutritionally satisfied than we have in years. We hadn’t done this sooner because we were convinced we didn’t need the nutritional aspect, and we also didn’t think we could manage it with all that we had going on at home. It was a plan that was both manageable and subtly changed what our entire family was eating and had amazing results. Our one regret was that we hadn’t done it back in six months earlier.

We purchased several pieces of equipment from Premier Fitness which we are very happy with and we are extremely pleased with the fitness and nutritional programs that we continue to follow through Premier Fitness. Christian is a top notch trainer who really knows his trade. He is honest, trustworthy and very professional.
– Chris & Monica

My appointments with my trainer help keep me on track

Being an active person my entire life and reading about the benefits of weight training I thought I might give it a try back in 2006. After purchasing my first home gym, I thought it best to seek the services of a personal trainer so as to have a program designed for me to coincide with my modest fitness goals of increasing my overall strength, keeping my back strong for golf, and improving my overall flexibility. My search took me to Christian Silva who helped design a workout plan for me that has helped me achieve and maintain my goals without injury.

Over the years, I have observed Christian build a sound business that I have found to offer high quality fitness equipment and service in addition to the professional and effective personal training services he has always offered as we still work together today. I would strongly recommend anyone considering adopting a healthier lifestyle and/or hiring the services of a Personal Trainer to contact Christian and his team. I have referred several friends and colleagues to him and all have shared similar sentiments.

– John Lundgren
Former CEO Stanley Black & Decker