You are what you eat!

Our nutrition programming is individualized, which is what separates us from most other nutrition programs. After years of setting up and designing nutrition plans for people based on calorie expenditure determined by formulas that “guess”, we now take things a step further and perform an actual resting metabolic rate(RMR) test to determine how many calories you truly burn at rest. We have found this to be the single, most important factor in getting our client’s nutrition plan accurate to assure maximal results.

Our principles are quite simple. We like our clients to eat above their RMR but below their Total Calorie Expenditure (TCE). Many weight loss plans restrict calories well below the RMR which results in muscle loss and less than optimal workouts. We promote eating to preserve or add lean muscle and weight loss coming primarily from fat loss. To truly create a deficit in energy if weight loss is desired we simply increase energy expenditure through exercise, not by simply cutting calories.

We also focus on blood sugar control knowing that by controlling blood sugar levels we can maximize the utilization of fat by up to 90% more during a given workout as compared to common eating patterns. This results in better endurance for your workout, more weight loss if desired, and more importantly a healthier you.

BodyGem Testing

The MicroLife BodyGem uses indirect calorimetry to determine your resting metabolic rate (RMR) to help you optimize your weight loss or performance goals with nutrition. Instead of estimating RMR with the Harris-Benedict or Katch-McArdle formula, the BodyGem scientifically determines your metabolic fingerprint, that is unique to you. To perform a measurement, you simply breathe into the device, which measures your oxygen consumption (VO2) to determine your unique metabolic rate.

Keys to Success

  • Eat above your BMR and below your total calorie expenditure
  • Regular meal intervals
  • Proper ratio of macronutrients (CHO-Protien-Fat) vs. micronutrients
  • Optimal calorie intake per meal
  • Proper cardiovascular activity
  • Highly metabolic strength training

We offer online nutrition programs or we can use common cellphone applications to design your plan and help you keep track of what you eat. Just be careful and don’t try to use these cellphone app’s on your own as most of them are wrong as they use some of the old formulas we used to use.

Caliper Testing

Caliper testing is considered the second most accurate method of body composition testing next to hydrostatic weighing in a water tank. Our testing methods use a 3-site test and can determine your current body composition, a more valid method of weight evaluation than BMI.